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Dedicated to the unreal realities of LIFE

Everybody has a story to tell. For some, the story is not as important as the telling. For others, the story is most important and is crying out to be told. A story left untold is a piece of life left uncared for!

We are setting the site up for the start of  The Story  to which you can contribute. Help complete the journey of mystery as countless authors bring the story alive with their own imagination, poetry, characters, and plots.

The rules are simple:

You must be a member.

3 paragraphs entered by each site member once per week. 

Read the existing unfinished story to get your creativity howling.

Send your contribution to the News page Blog, where it will be viewed by the webmaster and then posted to:

THE STORY page. 


Note** So that the story flows,  read the submissions before you enter yours. Keep  a copy your submission as it will turn out to be your story as well. If we have space we will set up new pages for each member to develop the story. we will see how it goes.

Now let's have some Imagination! Send a photo that best represents from your point of view your addition to THE STORY! We might even add a music file eh!


P.S The universe absolves this site and its creator of any sueable content. Take care to keep it up and running.